What causes warts ? Are warts contagious ?

How I get rid of planters wart.

What causes warts ? Are warts contagious ?

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You’ve probably wanted to find answers to these questions. I did some research on the web and now I want to share the answers with you. Knowing what causes warts may help you protect yourself against them. Discover a proper way to treat them and hopefully find out how to get rid of a wart forever.

I will begin with short a introduction on the most common types of warts. I am going to talk about three major types of warts here. There are a lot of types of warts but they are rarely manifested so If you need to look for more types then you should check google for more information. The latin name for warts is verruca so,if you want, search for a term like “verruca removal”

1. Common warts – most of us have suffered from them atleast once in life. Commmon warts can apear everywhere on the skin, but usually they apear on fingers, elbows and knees. Those warts can be extremly painfull.

2.Planters wart – If you had warts on your feet you know what it is. They occur due to pressure by our foot wear. I suffered from them. I finally found the solution and I will write my full story on plantar wart removal as soon as i have time available.

3.Flat warts – Small warts more prevalent among teenagers and children, which is why they are also called Juvenile warts. They are small and flat so the name comes from their look. They ussualy apear on the face and forhead.

So what causes warts?

The main cause of warts is HPV, short for Human Papaloma Virus. 95 percent of human population caries the virus inside their body. It sleeps in our body and it just waits for an oportunity to explode. The mechanism of the virus is not well known but professionals says that the lack of our immune system is perfect for the virus to get activated.

Are warts contagious ?

HPV is a highly contagious pathogen and it can survive for months outshide human body. But the virus it self can not get in our system through the skin. It can be caught only by direct contact through cuts and other skin breaks. Walking across the pool surface barefoot is the way to go for the virus, because you’re never sure that you don’t have the smallest cuts on your feet. Also, sharing towels with an infected person may be the reason you got infected.

Keep checking my blog, next time I’ll tell you about ways to remove a wart and a lot more interesting stuff.


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