Verruca Removal – Remove a wart

How I get rid of planters wart.

Verruca Removal – Remove a wart

Hi, Evan here.

In this post I’ll tell you about ways to remove a wart. Verruca removal can be done in many ways.

First way will be Keratolysis. The most common treatment is by using salicylic acid applied directly on the wart and then removing the dead skin with a pumice stone or emery board. It may take up to 12 weeks to remove a wart

Electrodesiccation is a commonly performed procedure by dermatologists. They use a probe that will send electrical currents into the wart to cause the blood vessels feeding the core of the wart to die. This is a permanent and effective wart treatment. More than one wart can be treated during the electrodesiccation, and there is little to no downtime after the procedure.

Cryosurgery involves liquid nitrogen to freeze the wart. After that the wart and the surrounding dead skin falls of by itself.

Laser treatment with a pulse dye laser or CO2 laser. Pulse dye lasers absorb hemoglobin from blood cells while CO2 lasers absorb water. Laser treatments can be painful and expensive, and can cause a little scarring. It takes 2 to 4 treatments to remove a wart but can be longer for extreme cases. Typically 10 – 14 days are required between treatments.

Infrared coagulator is used to remove a wart by intense source of infrared light. It works same as laser but it’s less expensive, although it can cause blistering, pain and scarring

Duct tape therapy involves placing piece of duct tape over the wart. This way is poor effective and it’s not recommended as routine treatment.

Here are the medications used for verruca removal.

– Podophyllum resin paint
– Imiquimod topical cream helps the body’s immune system to fight a wart, but it’s very expensive
– Cantharidin chemical found naturally in many members of the beetle family
– Bleomycin One or two injections used. It can cause necrosis of digits and Raynaud syndrome
– Dinitrochlorobenzene is applied directly to the wart. It is 80% effective method but must be more cautiously cause this chemical can cause genetic mutations.
– Fluorouracil inhibits DNA synthesis is use as experimental treatment. It is applied directly on the wart then covered with tape. This treatment is extremely slow.
Salicylic acid can be prescribed by dermatologists. Most commonly used medication.

I was not satisfied with those I’ve found so I searched more. I took a look into the traditional medicine, and then I found this product (full story coming soon). This is the product made by a highlanders recipe, at least it says that on their site. I don’t know how but this product really worked for me. I succeeded in removing a wart. For me this is the best product on the market for verruca removal.


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