6 Effective Wart Removal Treatments and Remedies

How I get rid of planters wart.

6 Effective Wart Removal Treatments and Remedies

Warts are caused by HPV or Human Papilloma Virus. To be precise, warts are a type of benign skin tumour which simply means that they are non-cancerous or tissue mass caused by common skin viruses. They may be of different sizes and shapes and can appear in feet, hands, face or genital area. It can be passed from one person to another, who does not have strong immune system.
They appear on the area of skin that is exposed to continuous friction, abrasion/trauma as it provides entry points to virus. Warts can either be flat, moist, raised or dry with a rough or pitted surface. They spread quickly in case if they are picked/touched/trimmed or cut while shaving. However, they don’t cause itching or pain.
There are number of wart removal ways with which you can remove warts in the most effective way. However, wart removal procedure can prove tricky, if you have little knowledge about proper ways to get rid of it. You can either seek professional help of dermatologists or can choose to treat warts at home.
For effective wart removal, it is advisable to first approach to dermatologist to know about its cause, treatment and removal methods. Adopting professional way to remove warts is better than opting for DIY methods or remedies.

Some of the common wart removal methods and remedies include:
1.Excision with Scalpel/Scissors – It is one of the most conventional methods adopted by dermatologists to remove warts. Warts are then cut off or excised from the skin at base. This is the most preferred option to treat large warts.
2.Freezing of Warts – You can either make use of metallic tweezers or forceps to secure and hold warts. Liquid nitrogen is applied to handling tool for freezing off the warts so that they can be treated in the best way. This wart removal method is also termed as cryotherapy.
3.Laser surgery – It is the most expensive and reputed method for removing the warts.

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